we needed a ctf server (0.8.1) with good low ping connection to european players, with various (kinda stupid) maps, but without the teamfuckers / winjoiners / aimbotters.
stupidctf with anti-winjoiner-system was born. enjoy.
!!! HELP IM A NOOB !!!
match statistics
live from the arena!
current map rotation
available maps
i am a DJ
--==> !!FREE CHEATZ & AIMBOT!! <==---
2017-04-12 NEWS:
migrating. this is the new server ip.
if you had some dj mana you lost them all.
please give feedback about new server. (PING!)
2017-02-14 NEWS:
zooming is a bit faster by default (100ms, was 150ms). /cg_zoomTime 150 for the old behavior, 1 for immediate zoom

the shotgun shoots 22 pellets now with 5 damage each. it used to be 11 pellets and 10 damage: a full blast is the same 110dmg as before
however it has just a slightly bigger spread now: 800 vs 700. shouldnt be noticeable.

these skins are already available, so why not:
/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 4 : enemy white, your team's color is your actual teamcolor
/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 5 : enemy pink, your team white

damageplums are not affected by zoom anymore, the shotgun also received the plums.

+some minor things as usual
2017-02-10 NEWS:

/cg_forceEnemyFootSteps you can guess what force the enemy's footsteps. to either:
1 mech. skelebot, smarine and idk who else. this is a good choice
2 flesh. iirc gargoyle makes these sounds when walking, a really good choice imo.
somewhat reminds me of keel.
3 energy. ayumi's energy skates. no
4 boots. no
5 normal. no

/cg_matchEndSound -1 to disable the bell at the end if you dont like it.

/cv shuffle shuffles teams and restarts the map. doesnt need a dj anymore. it's still random though! not skill based (yet)
/cv afk <cNum> if someone is afk, no need to kick. btw /cv is short for /callvote. hint: in general /cv clientkick <cNum> should be used for kicking. do not call a kick with a name!

teaminfo is updated more frequently now (400ms)

fixed the announcer sounds for spectators
not following: you wont be disturbed with flagreturn tunes, etc
following: correct sounds will be played (no more sad trombone when your team captures, etc)

and lot of minor additions and bugfixes noone will notice.
2017-01-25 NEWS:
getting rid of stupid, one letter at a time.
2017-01-16 NEWS:


/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 1 : enemy green / own team red or blue, depends on actual team
/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 2 : enemy green / own team white
/cg_enemyAlwaysGreen 2 : enemy green / own team pink


/cg_forcesound 1 : enable forcing teamsounds
/cg_enemySound ayumi : all the players of enemy team will make ayumi sounds
/cg_teamSound sergei : all your teammates will sound as sergei
/cg_mySound assassin : your model sound. this one seems sometimes buggy

you can pick any baseoa model's sounds
pick LOUD sounds as enemy. ayumi is a good one, but might be annoying. penguin is also an annoying good choice
pick loud sounds for your team but a different one. maybe even diff gender
pick a silent one as your own model

will add some more custom sounds, like loud sarge, distorted sarge, etc

pm skins soon! or not that soon, these should be totally fine even for pros

you have to edit your config files to make these settings permanent! they will not be autosaved yet!!
/fs_homePath enter your CTF folder edit autoexec.cfg with a texteditor! create it if it doesn't exist! open q3config.cfg to have an idea about the format.
2017-01-10 NEWS:
free rocketjumps and fast swimming at stupid!!! hurry up, get them while they last!
2017-01-10 NEWS:
2016-12-13 NEWS:
/cg_flagdropsound 0-4
/cg_flagdropsoundenemy 0-4

0 is mod default, -1 disables.
thx fxr for the dropsounds! (they are still ugly xd) EDIT: damn, more awful than before:O

default chatbeep is not that loud anymore. old baseoa beep is at /fm_chatbeep 9. try 10 and 11 if you prefer baseoaish. maybe there is 12 too i dont remember.

ps: these cvars are still not automatically archived
2016-11-30 NEWS:
a general facelift, the whole thing looks much better now!

some new cvars:
/cg_statusBarStyle 0-4. 0 mod default, 1 old oa style. i prefer 4, less clutter
/cg_statusTeamBackGround 0-5 that red or blue rectangle obscuring the statusbar. you dont need it if you remember which team you joined. (or use 2, 3 or 4, they are less annoying)
/cg_weaponBarStyle 0-4 4 is recommended, it looks soo good! (or 3 maybe)
/cg_weaponBarOffsetY if you are using style 4, you can move the whole weaponbar on the y ordinate with this cvar

ps: use cg_hitbeepstyle 2 if you want symphony on stupid. 0 defaults to baseoa's beepstyle there
ps: the mod's vars are not archived by default (still in test phase) set it in your autoexec.cfg if you want them to stick! ( /fs_homepath, CTF folder )
2016-10-24 NEWS:
:F ctf for GENIUSES
/connect stupidctf.tk:20003

plus: brightskins, unlagged projectiles, damageproportional hitbeeps, a nicer hud, and much-much more (this page is way too small to list them!)
come, discover it yourself! evolve from stupidity finally, be a GENIUS!
minus: the /+forward afktards, the retarded teamshooters like ceppy, the ragequitter turds. the full of hatred morons.

hint: behave like a true genius. rampant stupidity is not tolerated over here
2016-10-22 NEWS:

/cg_pusherDisplayTime your pusher's name displayed in upper right corner in ms. /cg_drawpusher -1 to hide it
/cg_hitbeepstyle 0 for moddefault: pitch depends on damage (LEAVE IT AT 0). 1 for oadefault. 2-6 set pitch.
/cg_drawHolyShit to hide the easteregg if you dont like it:P
/cg_flagstatusstyle -1 if you want to hide the flagstatus displayed at the top. (why would you, retard?!)
/cg_damageplum -1 if you dont want to see the damageplums. (they are cool, you want it as default)
/cg_drawtimer : time you RA to the second like a true genius! move your timer on the y coordinate

hint: set /cg_drawteamoverlay 1 to see your carrier's health in upper flagstatus (only name is displayed in insta because hp doesnt mean anything there, still useful, set it!)
edit: not needed anymore, still, set it as 1 will be a healthbar there soon
2016-10-04 NEWS:
there's that new sound when the carrier drops the flag.
disable with /cg_flagDropSound -1 if you dont like it and please send me your preferred wav.
i will add some more selectable sounds later, this one right now is not the best choice.
or maybe it is, give it some time! it might feel weird at first but knowing when your or enemy's carrier is down is a very useful thing.
2016-09-24 NEWS:
there's an AS ca server at stupidctf.tk:27964 (not in /live view yet) for those who dont like armors, healths, powerups, flags etc.
those who enjoy waiting instead of playing are welcome too! :)

no stats yet, sorry!
2016-09-01 NEWS:
open console, type fm press [TAB] to see the available fmvars
they are quite self-explanatory but here are some docu

fm_dropTimethe display time of that little flagdrop-notification text in milliseconds. use -10000 to hide it, 0 for default (1600 iirc)
fm_chatFontSize you can guess these. use 0 for mod's default setting
fm_chatTime display time of each chat msgs in ms. use -10000 to hide chat, 0 for default 12 secs, fm_chatbeep -1 to mute beep
fm_consoleTime same but for console
fm_chatbeep 0-9 the chat's beep style. 0 means default oa beep. imo try 2, -1 mutes
fm_teamchatbeep try 5 for this one, -1 to mute
fm_votebeep yes

2016-08-17 NEWS:
chat is sooooo nice now!!
extended colors are also quite okay
2016-07-31 NEWS:


failmod (v0.10, 0.11+) has its own extended colorpalette now!
2016-07-22 NEWS:

you only need this:
1) type .cn in public chat to get the clientnumbers
2) type
@put clientnumber team
to put them in desired team!
3) done

this puts player with client number 4 in red team:
@put 4 r
this puts player with client number 13 in blue team:
@put 13 b
this puts player with client number 9 in spectator team:
@put 9 s

this one kicks player number 18
@kick 18


thanks to anti-winjoin, he will not be able to rejoin the wrong team after a .put! have fun!
2016-07-07 NEWS:
failmod v0.08!
todo: add some description!
edit: also, 0.06 needs a description too!
2016-07-06 NEWS:
failmod v0.07
todo: a description is really needed now!
2016-06-09 NEWS:
failmod v0.05
todo: add some description. no, it's not just a scoreboard!
2016-06-02 NEWS:
moved again!
give feedback please!
as usual, everyone lost their power again:)
edit: PIECE OF SHIT SERVER. back to previous one.
2016-05-14 NEWS:
/fm [TAB]
i recommend /fm_chatbeep 1 as the default oa beep is UGLY. (currently beeps are 1-9)

edit: scratch that. cant hear shit when lot of actions with beep 1
2016-05-12 NEWS:
introducing the failmod!

some clientside improvements, eg:
- no more caveish 10vs7 (just open your eyes, man) when in reality it is indeed 10vs10 as the script says. scoreboard supports 27 players now COME THERES STILL ROOM FOR TWO (oa has max 17 by default)
- teamchat beep differs from regular chatbeep (now you know when to alt+tab. enough of those false positive IH! IH!, themes faggots, wanna touch my but (sic) and :) :D =) :> :P x) binds!)
- much better fuller tastier sounds (imo)
- capture count, general acc and teamsizes on scoreboard
- gauntlet deals 100dmg now
minor things, but the road is somewhat more paved now.

one thing is important. seems like there are people who will never come out from the cave no matter how hard i try to convince them.
with the failmod, they still can be with us in their cave. we won't lose them, while we enjoy the benefits of the mod!
might rename to platomod?
2016-05-08 NEWS:
moved. 100usd/month was too much, sorry.
expect slightly higher pings and the reappearing of some long-missed lagspikes.
i appreciate feedback from the _few_ who know wtf is going on in their lagometer, thank you

also, everyone lost their powers. will fix it manually, takes some time.

edit 2016-10-24: good choice. the server is superb, no lag at all! (fix ur conn and pc)
2016-04-17 NEWS:
disabled the /drop commands (temporarily?). let's see if the weapon pickup bug disappears. please send an .fgnote if you still have it, thank you!
2016-03-20 NEWS:
old .acc was moved to .acc 1, try .acc 2 or .acc 3 too! .acc is always changing, the ones with an argument are settled.

also, just say "teams" when you see they are unbalanced, to make them autofixed. the last guy who joined the stacked team will be offered to losing team. they have 15 seconds to sort things out (someone specs, someone joins from spec, some other switches) or the offered one will be forced.
if everyone would know about it and would use it ping-pong situations would happen all the time: when odd number of players are playing, obviously it is impossible to make even teams. for example, in 4vs3 situations when someone says "teams" on will be offered to team of 3. we can expect they will perform better now and will take the lead. someone can say teams again, he will be ping-ponged back. it can be annoying (but totally ok, he should do it by himself!) and it will keep happening until some other joins them and makes it 4vs4. or the pingponged one specs.

crying teams does not immediately make them equal. consider when it is 4vs5. team of 4 leading. someone joins team of 5 and makes it 4v6. one gets mad and says teams. nothing will happen, because 4 was leading. if they would get the new player it would be even more unbalanced. but stupid idiots, like nurreo don't get it and ragequit instead with " this server sucks ". ok, but how do the other servers deal with this situation? nohow. the raging imbecile could have played until team of now 6 ties up and he could have say TEAMS that time. he would have get the 6th guy. but no, he wants him immediately. or ragequitting even when leading.

i'm thinking about announcing teams are unbalanced every time it happens, few seconds later, autobalance! (they will never figure out they can do it themselves manually!)
2016-03-17 NEWS:
i admit i made a huge mistake with the config. too late though, the damage is already done:(
new settings:
- 6/7/80 stupid, was 5/6/80
- 6/7/80 aimtool was already increased from 5/6/80. not changed this time
- 7/8/100 deathmatch, up from 5/6/80 to standard oa settings
when even our "pros" whine - with some backwards logic - because of more aimwhore settings, it clearly doesnt make sense to hold the position where aimtool is made more noobfriendly ( = increased damage, even though it supposed to be the "pro" server) while stupid is still at pro (nerfed).
will do a rantpost on this.
i was considering upping deathmatch to 8/9/125 or bring back stupid to standard oa, so people would go: "wow i hit soo much here, this server rocks!" -- get it?

also, moved to CTF from baseoa. expect nickchanges and the loss of some players who can't download a 35mbs pk3. at least we have textures now in all the non-standard maps!.
2016-03-10 NEWS:
have you ever seen a gauntlet lying on the floor? me neither, until now..

..since weapons, flags and armors can now be dropped!

- are you low on hp with a flag? just drop it to your mate more stacked!
- bring armor to your flagcarrier hiding in a safe place during a cross-steal (bases7!)! oh so cool! (well, not on sago:P)
- your fc is on the platform and needs lg badly to frag the rjers (sago)! you know what to do!
- just picked up all the armors (bases5 anyone?) and your flagcarrier arrived? do a favor!
- same with the usual bumping-in-the-carrier-at-home-base situations!
it's supposed to be a teamgame.

the commands are:
/dropweapon /dropflag /droparmor
type /bind b dropflag and press b ingame to drop! same with the others.
you need at least 50 armor, as it is dropped as yellows.
2016-03-02 NEWS:
are you fed up with random noobas spitting in ur precious 1v1ctf!?? i can't blame them, you are playing on a public server, stupid!
solution: spawn a server and leave the pub casuals behind!
you can even do it from the web now! like this: http://www.stupidctf.tk/spawn/servertype
just create a shortcut on your desktop with your favourite servertype. or curl it or wget it from a script when starting oa!

let's hope the server can keep up with the extreme load caused by the really high demand for the new @spawn feature!!!
2016-02-28 NEWS:
new servers are now @spawn-able with
@spawn <servertype>
servertypes at the moment of writing: duel, 1on1ctf, 2on2ctf, insta, rockets, ctf4ish.
the spawned server automatically gets destroyed after being empty for more than 15 minutes.
todo: the one who spawned should gain admin rights

other minor fixes
2016-02-24 NEWS:
some (many) new @maps (will have missing textures if called on stupid:( on aimtool they are fine. not on site's levelshots yet)
damage is 6/7/80 on aimtools. it is not the luckiest to have 3 diff settings in 081baseoa servers i know:/ will have to stick with one setting in the future. trying to figure out which one.
whole thing is much snappier now, like rconfast.
.clients shows acc
new engine + new vm + new script = bugfest.
2016-02-16 NEWS:
new commands: .b .r .s or .blue .red .spec or with @
you can guess they are the boiled down version of the more universal @put. easier to type in the heat of the game this way.

if you call @r or @b without an argument, you will be put in that team. (for whatever reason you want to circumvent the balancer)
@s behaves differently in this case. it puts the last joiner to spec! like it was already that command's (@spec) only function.
maybe it's not self-explanatory this way, but it is a feature. (you can always bind a key to /team spectator anyway)
2016-02-14 NEWS:
the @commands now can be typed as .commands (like
.put Unna r ;  .balance ;  .kick FAG
etc), which means they won't be displayed. if a command returns a result, the issuer will receive it.
in-game accuracy can be displayed by
tip: type
/bind x say .acc
press x.
works too, if you are that proud.
a new, really needed admin command:
displays connected clients one by row. it is like a spiced rcon status command
the fields of a row in order:
cid, score, ping, name, countryoforigin, mgacc, rlacc, lgacc, rgacc, (not yet) sid (an id of three letters. stupid id. quite uniq to players), rate in ks, cg_delag
that's why it is useful:
the @commands (and .commands) accept cid's too as argument. admins can put, kick, etc players by cid. finally it solves the dreaded unnamedplayer problem. when there are more than one of them and your admin actions become crippled. (commands return multiple match). and the guy-with-weird-colors problem, and the guy with the short name (for example "a") problem. multiple match again obviously.
do a
then kick him with
.kick 9

note: arguments with 2 digits will be interpreted as cids! if you want to put the player with the name "8" to spec, don't type
.put 8 s
the one who has no.8 cid would be forced to spec!
tells the correct cid.
i haven't tested new additions extensively, hope it won't crash. i won't be online today.
todo: make it more responsive. and yes, needs a proper site now

2016-01-31 NEWS:
weapon damage became more balanced!!! railgun deals 80 dmg instead of 100. lightning 6 instead of 8, machinegun 5 damage per ammo (was 7! in vanilla oa)
it is achieved by a serverside mod, making it completely transparent to players. (they don't have to download anything. the game looks and feels exactly the same as it would on a vanilla (081) server - except the damage)
hope we can play even more balanced and FUN games! hf!